Natural Healing with Chiropractic

Life is better when you feel healthy, energized, and pain-free. Our goal at Hill Country Holistic Health is to provide high-quality, gentle chiropractic care as well as other healing modalities so you can get back to living your fullest life.

Services Provided at our Clinic

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find specific muscles that are inhibited. The treatment is focused on strengthening those weak muscles using chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, and/or nutrition to support specific organ systems

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Quantum Neurology

Quantum Neurology uses red and infra-red light therapy combined with nerve specific exercises. These nerves affect our movements, our internal and external environments, balance and coordination, digestion, elimination, and other bodily functions.

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Neuro Emotional Technique

Neuro Emotional Technique is a stress reduction technique that allows the body to process retained stress patterns. These can be stored in areas of the body that result in pain and dysfunction, and chronic stress can have a negative affect on overall health.

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Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition is important for every person at every stage in life. Our office uses Standard Process supplements to support specific organ systems. These are whole food, nutrient dense products that can support healing, recovery, and support general health.

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Adam and Emily Youngblood DC with their son Zak.