Dr. Emily Youngblood

Dr. Emily graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top of her chiropractic class from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 2017. While attending chiropractic school, she also studied under Dr. Frederick Carrick DC, completing over 300 hours of additional classes which culminated in her becoming a board certified Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board in 2017. She is also a Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner, and a Practitioner of Applied Kinesiology. She has additional training in Neuro Emotional Technique, Activator, Thompson, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Gonstead Technique, Flexion Distraction and many other healing chiropractic modalities.

She met her incredible husband Adam Youngblood DC in chiropractic school where they were married in 2017. They practice together and will often collaborate on complex patient cases. Together they have a beautiful son named Zak who has taught them so much humility, patience, and selflessness. He has been a long-awaited treasure in their lives. The next baby should join us any day now and compliment our happy tribe.

Adam Youngblood DC

Dr. Adam found his way to the world of natural healing after his 16 years of service as a fighter pilot and instructor pilot in the Air Force. He served on many high-risk missions during his service in Iraq and Afghanistan and learned first-hand the effects of stress, PTSD and traumatic brain injury after being injured during air combat training exercises. Under the care of the VA, he started 15 different medications for his symptoms before deciding that this was not an ideal long-term solution. Adam attended Naturopathic medical school in 2011 where he found his chiropractic tribe. He incorporates many of the healing modalities we use at our office. He has learned how to cope with and overcome many of the symptoms of traumatic brain injury and PTSD. He is an example of possible recovery from significant trauma.

Dr. Adam graduated with honors from Life University in Marietta, GA in 2016 in the top 10% of his class. He spent his spare time taking every extra technique class and learning every treatment modality that he could get his hands on and is very profiocient in almost every chiropractic technique. Dr. Adam is certified in Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Emotional Technique, and Quantum Neurology. He has trained many extra hours under some of the best chiropractors in their specialties including Dr. Ted Carrick learning functional neurology and Dr. Marc Ellis learning advanced fascial release techniques and Dr George Gonzales learning neurologic rehabilitation. Dr. Adam’s passion for correcting every possible factor that could affect a seemingly simple complaint (i.e. neck pain, low back pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, etc.) makes him one of the most thorough and advanced practitioners in practice today. He takes as much time as is necessary to help each patient to his best ability because he truly cares about each and every person he treats. The 5 star google reviews paint an accurate image of his passion for helping people.

Dr. Anaiah Christensen

Dr. Anaiah Christensen, DC, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta, GA, in June 2024. Her passion for chiropractic was ignited by its empowering philosophy of vitalism, which emphasizes that the power that made the body heals the body. As a follower of Jesus, Dr. Christensen believes that God created our bodies to be self-healing and self-organizing.

Dr. Christensen is dedicated to living by faith rather than fear and seeks to inspire others to do the same through her practice. She often poses the question, “How do you react to life” She believes that the sum of our physical body, mind, and spirit determines how we handle life’s challenges. Her goal is to help optimize these areas in her patients’ lives. While perfection is unattainable, Dr. Christensen believes that approaching life with resilience and joy, regardless of circumstances, is what truly matters.

With a commitment to understanding the body’s functions, Dr. Christensen has a unique approach to assessment, paying special attention to the organic blueprint that governs healing through the brain, spinal cord, and neuro-myofascial system. Her extensive training includes neuro-emotional technique, Thompson technique, Activator certification, Sacro-Occipital Technique, and Myosynaptics, an advanced form of neuromyofascial therapy. Additionally, she is certified in applied kinesiology and is diligently working toward becoming a board-certified Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

Originally from the small island of Kauai, Hawaii, Dr. Christensen embraces a love for simple living, outdoor adventures, and a natural lifestyle. The Hawaiian concept of Ho’omana, which means the empowerment of life force, is central to her practice and personal philosophy. She believes that living a Ho’omana life is a daily decision, starting with how we react to life’s experiences.

Dr. Christensen is devoted to creating encounters that empower life and inspire resilience, encouraging her patients to live from faith, not fear.

The Youngbloods

We settled in the community of Blanco, Texas in 2020. We are moving forward with establishing our chiropractic wellness program suited individually for each of you.

As chiropractors, we are trained problem solvers educated in the natural healing aspects of the human body. We understand the complexities of the nervous system, the muscular systems, and how these interact with the various organ systems. We have become experts in balancing the energetics of the body through structural corrections that have emotional and biochemical aspects intertwined. As such, we help patients maintain a balanced body and mind by helping to reduce stress, reducing muscle and joint tension, and helping with nutritional supplementation suggestions known to help reduce inflammatory processes.

Feeling great is a continual endeavor, but it is a journey in which we can all embark together as we focus on longevity and wellness. Join us on the adventure, and learn some new thoughts on how to feel your best. Let’s thrive together!

-Drs. Adam and Emily Youngblood